Where to Shop for Mid-Century Furniture in Portland

One of my absolute favorite interior design styles is the classic mid-century modern. Born in the late 1930s, mid-century modern has been an elegant and functional statement design for decades. Truly timeless, mid-century modern is still a popular design aesthetic today. Because I have such a love for midcentury design, and I'm always keeping an eye out for great mid-century resources around town. So here's an insider look at five local Portland shops to find your perfect staple mid-century modern piece: 

The Good Mod

If you've never checked out The Good Mod, this is the perfect place to start your mid-century modern hunt! Founded in 2006, this showroom and workshop are located in a huge 20,000 sq. ft warehouse just off of Burnside. You can find gorgeous restored, reupholstered, and custom-designed midcentury furniture here in their light-flooded showroom. But the fun doesn't stop there—The Good Mod also builds contemporary furniture and offers fine art and miscellaneous vintage goods to accessorize your mid-century themed home. I've walked around their showroom a few times and always leave feeling inspired and invigorated. 

Legacy Modern 

Another beautiful shop to check out is Legacy Modern. Mike Albino and his wife Kelly have been running this local family-owned business for the last 10 years. Together, the couple brings a passion for design into their shop and community. They offer curated collections of vintage and contemporary home furnishings in their showroom, so you can get a taste of how seamlessly these timeless styles blend together. Legacy Modern has furniture, housewares, handcrafted home accents, local artwork, and more! 

Vintage Pink

If you prefer to scour local vintage shops for your next furniture piece, Vintage Pink is the perfect spot! Located in a 6,000 sq. ft space in the Hawthorne District, Vintage Pink offers unique pieces from over 20 different vendors—If you've driven up Hawthorne Ave, there's no way you've missed it—it's the cheery bubble gum pink shop on the right heading East. This funky and unique vintage store specializes in mid-century pieces. They also have vintage, retro, industrial, reclaimed, vintage glassware, lighting, and local one-of-a-kind pieces. I love heading to Vintage Pink when I want to find something particularly special.

City Home

If you're looking for some solid mid-century staples OR if you are feeling uncertain about how to style your new furniture, City Home has it covered. Whether you are looking for some help with on-site design, staging, or just want to rent some furniture for your next Covid-friendly event, City Home offers various professional design assistance services. They also have multiple locations, so find your nearest location and get some excellent design advice! Their showrooms are filled wall to wall with exciting and eclectic pieces—you're absolutely sure to find something you love.

Lounge Lizard 

Lounge Lizard is a retro-inspired shop with an ever-changing variety of one-of-a-kind pieces—heavy on the vintage side! They've been selling mid-century furnishings, decor & lamps at their original location (shown below) since 2002. Recently, Lounge Lizard expanded to a second location both located in SE Portland off of Hawthorne. Stop by and check out their famous repurposed lampshades and array of funky, vintage, and mid-century goods.
At the end of the day, you can't go wrong with mid-century modern. The design is and will continue to be timeless. It blends seamlessly with many modern architectures and interior design styles, making it an option for your home that is sure to draw the eye. Whether you are looking for a custom piece, vintage, brand new, or some design help,  there are so many options right here in Portland—keep it local and achieve your interior design vision all at the same time!

Looking for a quick guide? Check out these 5 different Portland shops for mid-century modern furniture below :

1. The Good Mod
2. Legacy Modern
3. Vintage Pink
4. City Home
5. Lounge Lizard 


#1 By Piece of PDX at 12/7/2020 4:10 PM

Let me know what you want to hear about next!

#2 By Amari at 8/1/2021 3:30 AM

Interesting that I was just getting to write about this place. Just went in today - Ecce Domus, on Pettygrove. Not traditional upholstered furniture but kickin tv console type pieces, a few of great headboards, some chests, things like that. I'm with the Camster on Craigslist. Conspicuous consumers will switch out their furnies way too often, and I am all about their sloppy seconds. Bring em!

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