The Stress Free Way to Sell Your Home

You'd think selling your home is a straightforward process, but during my years as a Realtor™, I've noticed that there are things that sellers tend to overlook, making the job of selling ultimately more stressful. To be fair—selling comes with a big to-do list: clearing up clutter, packing away items, deciding what to do with your furniture, deciding where to go's no wonder it's tough to keep track of everything! 


So, why not make a list of the top things I often see get overlooked when prepping your home for sale. All of these are simple tasks, but this list will make your life 10x LESS stressful—so bookmark this blog for when your time to sell comes! We all need a little less stress in our lives!
Interested in having a stress-free selling experience? Then keep on reading!
1. Time For a Deep Clean!
It's a given that you want your home to be presentable for potential buyers. However, there are little details that people often forget when it comes to pre-sale cleaning. Have you ever given thought to some of the minor cleaning tasks such as scrubbing pesky marks off the wall, vacuuming out your vents, or cleaning the chimney? Probably not! In the process, these small details can easily slip your mind. That's why it's key to prepare ahead of time and do a THOROUGH clean of your home before you go on the market. If you find that you've got too much on your plate, like many of us, you may want to consider hiring a cleaner, we’ve got lots of great vendors who can help! By bringing in help, you can focus on packing up your belongings and give attention to other important matters. Let's not forget, TIME IS MONEY. 
Here are a few top-notch cleaners I recommend you check out in the Portland area:
Cleaning Crew - Reasonable prices and pristine cleaning. 
Best Portland Cleaners - A fantastic high-quality service that's also family-owned.
Tencia Housekeeping - Exceptional services & prices you can't beat!
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2. Gather Titles and Documents
This is a huge one. Don't wait until the last minute to do this! Prepare ahead of time and ensure that you've located any necessary documents for the sale of your home.
These documents include:
  • Mortgage Information
  • A copy of your sales agreement
  • A copy of your deed
  • Title report from your property
By having these essential documents organized, you won't feel like you're losing your mind - trust me, it makes a difference! We will happily assist you with this process!
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3. Locate Permit Paperwork

As a home seller, you always want to have documents from any previous work done on your home in hand! If you've had any additions, conversions, or remodeling done, have permit paperwork ready, as well as a record of inspections. Selling a home with any unpermitted work can present major financial and legal troubles...and nobody's got time for that!
4. Find your Remote Controls
This is a prime example of one of those tasks we can forget when selling. Be sure to locate and leave behind all necessary remote controls for the new homeowners, especially the garage door opener! Not only that, but label them accordingly.
A few examples of remote controls you should be leaving behind include:
-Ceiling fan controls
-Air conditioners or other home appliances
-Controls for any lights
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Photo sourced from Unsplash Artist Erik Mclean (CC)
5. Kiss the Keys Goodbye!

Prepare ahead and make sure you've copied your keys if you only have one set—you'll have to hand them over to both the buyers and realtor. Typically, all keys are exchanged on closing day. Even though the buyers will likely have the home re-keyed, it's required to provide copies of the original keys to the home. 
Selling a home can go one of two ways: smoothly and hassle-free OR it can be a total nightmare. The difference between these two scenarios comes down to preparation.
To have a stress-free selling experience, be sure to prepare for the following:
1. Deep clean the nooks and crannies of your home! 
2. Gather titles and documents.
3. Locate permit paperwork.
4. Find your remote controls.
5. Hand over the keys! 
Follow these steps next time you embark on selling a home and I guarantee you'll notice a difference! Now you're prepared and equipped for a stress-free selling experience! Go you! Stay tuned for more here on 

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