Prep Your Home for Portland’s Rising Summer Temps!

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A Look At Portland’s Weather/Climate Changes In The Past Few Years

It’s not your imagination – it is getting hotter in Portland. A study has shown that since 1960, climate change has added about three degrees Fahrenheit to temperatures in the Pacific Northwest.  


Of course, you remember June 2021 when we hit a record high of 116 degrees in Portland. I thought poor Popo was going to MELT! Thousands of people throughout the Northwest were affected in what is referred to as a “heat dome.” Fortunately, experts think this was unusual and not something we should plan to see every summer, but regardless, Portland is getting warmer. 90-degree days in the summer used to be a rarity, but Paul Loikith — meteorologist, climate scientist, and Assistant Professor of Geography at Portland State — warns us that hot summer days are here to stay. 


Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trap heat on the Earth’s surface which is why the climate has gotten warmer worldwide. Even if the production of greenhouse gasses were to stop, their effects would continue to linger for decades. 


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Home Maintenance Prep For Summer

So what can you do to keep yourself comfortable during the warmer summer months? We have some ideas:


Get Insulated

Insulation keeps the outside elements outside and allows you to be comfortable in your home year-round. Having a well-insulated attic and ceilings is especially crucial to keeping warm summer heat out of your home. Other insulation issues can be found in areas like your front door or any other place with a crack where outside air can be let in. So, take a look around and see if any weather stripping or seals need to be replaced. 


Check Your A/C

Ten years ago, most homes in Portland didn’t have an air conditioner. Today, a report shows that 78% of homes have given in and installed an air conditioner. Before summer arrives, be sure to get your air conditioner serviced so it can be in optimal shape when you need it. 


It’s a vicious cycle, though, air conditioners are not good for the environment, but when temperatures are pushing 100 degrees, we need them to stay cool. Automating your air conditioner is one way to ensure you’re not overusing it. Installing a SMART thermostat so you can control the temperature from your phone if you aren’t home to minimize usage. 


Don’t Forget The Windows

Windows are great for letting natural light into your home, but that’s all you want them to let in. Old, single-panned windows can let in outside air, increasing your home’s temperature. The Department of Energy recommends insulated windows with a vinyl, wood, or fiberglass frame. If upgrading your windows isn’t in the budget, pick up some blackout curtains, they’ll make a big difference. 


Plant Some Trees!!!

Ok, we would recommend planting trees even if temperatures weren’t soaring. However, strategically planting trees in spaces where your home could use a little shade will block out some sunlight and keep your home cooler.  


Featuring: Thomas loving the sunshine and Popo wishing he was in the AC… 


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Did you catch all that? Here’s the rundown! 

Portland's summers are getting warmer.  Keep cool by doing the following:
  • Insulate your home and seal cracks
  • Check your air conditioner
  • Upgrade windows or get black-out curtains
  • Plant trees for shade

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