Keeping it Local: Women Owned Companies in PDX

Portland has no shortage of charming smal businesses to provide all the daily essentials and more. We love to shop local, and we wanted to put the spotlight on some of the incredible women-owned businesses we support. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite women-owned businesses in Portland: 


Fashion — Vintage, New, and Handmade


What: DANO is one part apothecary, one part vintage clothing, and another part thoughtfully produced wares from local vendors. 
Fun Fact: Something that DANO owner, Melissa Grandkoski, is passionate about Is living sustainably, which is why she loves thrifting. 
Why We Love Them: Everything in Dano is carefully curated to inspire, and you can tell. We love Melissa’s motto to “support a conscious and radiant lifestyle for self and space.”


No photo description available.


Seven Sisters

What: Consciously made clothing, jewelry, and beauty products.  The boutique strives to make sustainable products easily available while uplifting women creators. 
Fun Fact: Seven Sisters’ owner, Jillian Punska, worked at the Portland Art Museum for five years before opening her boutique. 
Why We Love Them: Chic, sleek, and effortless designs. Elevated enough to dress up, yet casual enough for brunch, shopping, and walking the blocks with friends in Nob Hill.

 Seven Sisters

Image sourced from Seven Sisters — Check out their website here!

Gifts — For Yourself & Loved Ones

Yo! Store

What: A women’s, kids, and lifestyle store specializing in European clothing and gifts. 
Fun Fact: The Yo! Store’s owner, Sarah Radcliffe, says she learned everything she needs to know about running a business by taking a 6-week business course offered by the Mercy Corps! 
Why We Love Them: The only place you ever need to shop for baby shower gifts. Yo! is the best shop for matching mom-and-baby gifts that are actually cool!


The Yo Store | Women Lifestyle Kids – The Yo! Store


Books With Pictures

What: A comic book store that aims to introduce comic books easily and without stress to everyone.  They focus on creating an inclusive environment and having diverse representation. 
Fun Fact: Katie Proctor, the owner of Books With Pictures, has an MA in Science and Technology Studies from Cornell and used to study pre-Civil War era map making. 
Why We Love Them: Portland’s coolest, nerdiest comic shop. Pile your whole DnD league into the car for a field trip!


Books with Pictures – Comics for Everyone


Citizen Ruth

What: If you’re looking for unique stickers, magnets, mugs and art that make a statement, look no further. Citizen Ruth is a feminist pop-culture boutique featuring products made by women and LGBTQIA+ artists.  You can 
Fun Fact: Cofounders Jenn Lazar and Cara Centko have grown their business into a brand that features over 250 female, queer, and marginalized artists. 
Why We Love Them: It’s December 23rd and you are SCRAMBLING to buy your loved ones last minute gifts. Desperation has kicked into full gear. Don’t give into the holiday pressure and head to the mall! Citizen Ruth is (seriously) the one-stop-shop for your last-minute gifts. Hilarious, quirky, and seriously-cool gifts for everyone. 


citizen shopping



What: Gifts and home goods from socially and environmentally responsible designers. 
Fun Fact: Woonwinkel is Dutch for “living shop” which is exactly what owner, Kristin VanBuskirk hoped to create in her shop. 
Why We Love Them: One of our favorite features about shopping online with Woonwinkle is their “shop your values” option. You can filter through women-owned, LGBTQIA, BIPOC, locally-sourced, eco-friendly, and MORE. 


Woonwinkel | Everyday Goods That Shine Bright


Eco Vibe

What: EcoVibe started out as a clothing store, but has since evolved into an urban oasis. They sell everything from houseplants, and candles, to textiles and pottery.  Each item is thoughtfully displayed to inspire and delight the senses. 
Fun Fact: Owned by Andrea “Dre” Allen and her husband, Len, EcoVibe is a member of 1% For The Planet which means 1% of every purchase goes to environmental causes. 
Why We Love Them: Eco Vibe is a VIBE! Floor to ceiling plants, planters, and decor to turn your home into a true oasis. 


ECOVIBE - Decor. Plants. Gifts #ecovibestyle
Image sourced from Eco Vibe's website — check them out here!


Hammer and Jacks

What: Toy store, play place, and event center.  Hammer and Jacks sells toys designed to allow for play throughout different stages of childhood.
Fun Fact: Owner, Jillian Sevick, also offers birthing classes and lactation groups at her business to support new parents. 
Why We Love Them: More than a boutique, Hammer and Jacks hosts classes, parties, and encourages your little ones to run around in their play center while you shop!


Hammer + Jacks • Portland Toy Store and Balloon Delivery – Hammer and Jacks



What: Gender free clothing and apparel.
Fun Fact: Julia Parsley and Emma McIlroy chose the name “Wildfang” since it means “tomboy” in German. 
Why We Love Them: Wildfang is getting the recognition it deserves with a new location in Los Angeles! As they continue to grow, they continue to give back to the community — so gar the Wildfang duo has donated 65K to local charities!


Wildfang - Wikipedia


Beauty — Skin Care, Nail Art, and Tattoo Studios

Finger Bang

What: Ok, we know what you’re thinking. This is actually a nail salon that does some incredible work. No really.  They create works of art on your fingernails while promoting an inclusive environment.
Fun Fact: The owners of Finger Bang’s building would not allow the words “finger bang” to be displayed on a sign for all to see. So, owner, Glynis Olson, created a logo with a finger and the word bang to advertise her business. Olson employes the best of the best women atists in her shop — women supporting women!
Why We Love Them: Badass women mankind badass art? Enough said.


Home - Finger Bang


Coral Story Beauty

What:  Natural and organic makeup products. 
Fun Fact: Coral is Morning Dove Barranger’s (owner of Coral Story Beauty) favorite color – hence the name! 
Why We Love Them: Morning Dove opened Coral after her first pregnancy, when she was battling postpartum skin and health issues. We appreciate her open discussion of all-things pregnancy related and drive to help those going through similar struggles. 


Organic Makeup and Skincare, Green Beauty, | Coral Story Beauty

Image sourced from Coral Story Beauty  — Check them out here


Raving Artist

What: A quiet and friendly tattoo salon specializing in florals and nature scenes.  
Fun Fact: Owner, Court Casteman, will let you choose your own background music to help you feel extra comfortable.  
Why We Love Them: Thomas will tell you first-hand, with tons of rad tattoos himself, how rare it is to find a tattoo studio that plays chill, relaxing music. We love a good headbanger as much as the next person, but when you’re sitting in the chair for 5+ hours, soft acoustic music starts to sound reaaaaal nice. Hey Alexa, play Enya radio!

Blendidly Botanical Kitchen

What: Zero waste, handpicked skin care made from organic and locally sourced ingredients. 
Fun Fact: Blendidly Botanical Kitchen’s founder, Ivy Chuang, is an avid cyclist and is a board member of the Portland Society, an organization female identified cyclists who aim to make Portland a better place to live, work, and ride.
Why We Love Them: ZERO WASTE, ZERO WASTE, ZERO WASTE! Living a zero waste lifestyle is a huge feat, supporting businesses who commit to environmental responsibility is an easy first-step. Ivy sources everything in her skincare line from fresh, organic, and wild ingredients found locally and sourced sustainably, AND each product is handcrafted in small batches in their botanic kitchen.


Be Well, Live Splendidly – Blendily


Snacks & Sips

Aesthete Tea

What:  an organic loose-leaf tea and herbal blend brand that sources only the highest quality ingredients.
Fun Fact: Owner, Briana Thornton got the idea to begin selling tea blends since her mom is an herbalist and sent Briana teas while she was feeling stressed.  
Why We Love Them: Briana’s generational passion for herbal medicine and tea is evident in every of her curated products. If you haven’t had the chance to try Aesthete Tea before, start with their Golden Milk — caffeine-free, cozy, and great for gut health!


Aesthete Tea


Bison Coffee House

What:  Portland’s only Native owned coffee shop.  The shop pays reference to  Native ancestry and traditions.
Fun Fact: Loretta Guzman, owner of Bison Coffee House, once planned to become a dental lab technician. 
Why We Love Them: Loretta is a local legend. Her bright, positive energy shines over Portland! Bison coffee house has become a beacon for local PDX indigenous and the community as a whole. Bless you Loretta!



Chochu Local Island BBQ

What: A food truck and caterer serving delicious spreads from Guam, Rota, Saipan, and Tinian cuisine.
Fun Fact: Joy San Nicholas and her husband, Michael, started Chochu as way to share their favorite Chamoru dishes with the community.  
Why We Love Them: When we take the dogs out on the town, we are strong supporters of on-the-go snackin’. Vegan kimchi noodles for me (Patrik) and pork belly over rice for Thomas. We can chow down and roll out to the next dog park in 15-minutes FLAT. 


May be an image of signboard


Hip Chicks Do Wine

What: An urban winery located in an old warehouse. 
Fun Fact: Hip Chicks Do Wine is Portland’s oldest Women-Owned winery. 
Why We Love Them: Fem, queer, and here for a good time. Their pride merch is to die for, including a locally made, subtly-pride-themed charcuterie board!

 Hip Chicks Do Wine | Portland, Oregon

Image sourced from Hip Chicks Do Wine — Check them out here!


Freeland Spirits

What: A craft distillery that celebrates the women of the craft. 
Fun Fact: Freeland Apirits was named after owner, Jill Kuehler’s “Mee-Maw” who never had a drop of alcohol. 
Why We Love Them: One of the Portland Metro’s most beloved distilleries. More and more, as we go out in Portland and Lake Oswego, we see Freeland’s teardrop-shaped bottles behind the bar. If you find yourself in LO, swing by Tavern on Kruse and order a Free Imagination cocktail with Freeland Spirit gin!


Freeland Spirits Gift Card


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