Keeping it Local: BIPOC-Owned Companies in PDX

We’re continuing our series of locally-owned companies in PDX that we highly recommend.  With February wrapped up and March beginning, we’re reminded that, yes, Black History Month is a fantastic time to shout out Black excellence and BIPOC-owned businesses in Portland, however, real allyship is a daily, year-round practice. Check out these local BIPOC-owned companies that we looooove right here in our beloved Portland! 


Homeware, Gifts, & Fashion — For Yourself & Loved Ones

Orox Leather Co

What: Handcrafted leather goods including, briefcases, backpacks, wallets, and belts that will last forever – seriously, their products are guaranteed for life!
Fun Fact: Orox Leather Co is owned by a 4th generation leather-making family that got their start in Oaxaca, Mexico.  
Why We Love Them: We love their backstory — the family biz got started when Don Felipe Martinez Audelo began making custom baseball gear for his own team, eventually coaching his son into the trade!



Birds and Bees Nursery

What: A small nursery dedicated to selling locally-sourced and sustainable plants and gardening supplies.
Fun Fact: Co-owners Caitlin Gaul and Amanda Simard are considered “plantfluencers” thanks to their large social media following.  
Why We Love Them: Birds and Bees has unique houseplants, outdoor plants, succulents, and wonderful staff to help you choose the right species for your home environment. 



Larkspur Portland

What: Their shop features plants, local art, horticultural therapy, and friendly faces! 
Fun Fact: A portion of all Larkspur Portland’s proceeds go directly to fund local horticultural therapy programming.
Why We Love Them: The Larkspur team offers comprehensive care instructions with every plant purchased, offer friendly advice, and genuinely want to send you home with the confidence to care for your new plant!



N’Kossi Boutique

What: Boutique featuring African couture fashion. 
Fun Fact: N’kossi can mean lion or ferocious animal. 
Why We Love Them: Togo designer Komi Jean Pierre Nugloze launched his design studio to help Portland “do dressy,” and damn he did it! 



Beauty — Skin & Hair Care


Blendidly Botanical Kitchen

What: Zero waste, hand-picked skin care made from organic and locally-sourced ingredients. 
Fun Fact: Blendidly Botanical Kitchen’s founder, Ivy Chuang, is an avid cyclist and is a board member of the Portland Society, an organization female-identified cyclists who aim to make Portland a better place to live, work, and ride.
Why We Love Them: ZERO WASTE, ZERO WASTE, ZERO WASTE! Living a zero waste lifestyle is a huge feat, but supporting businesses who commit to environmental responsibility is an easy first step. Ivy sources everything in her skin care line from fresh, organic, and wild ingredients found locally and sourced sustainably, AND each product is handcrafted in small batches in their botanic kitchen.



Dean’s Beauty And Barber Shop

What: Beauty salon and barber shop specializing in natural hair. 
Fun Fact: Shop owner Kim is the third generation to run the salon. The salon is Oregon’s oldest African American salon, and the state’s oldest Black-owned business. As of 2022, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 
Why We Love Them: No matter your hair texture or type, Dean’s beauty is committed to accommodating you and have you leave the salon looking gooood!



Snacks & Sips


Aesthete Tea

What:  Aesthete is an organic loose-leaf tea and herbal blend brand that sources only the highest quality ingredients.
Fun Fact: Owner, Briana Thornton got the idea to begin selling tea blends since her mom is an herbalist and sent Briana teas while she was feeling stressed.  
Why We Love Them: Briana’s generational passion for herbal medicine and tea is evident in every one of her curated products. If you haven’t had the chance to try Aesthete Tea before, start with their Golden Milk — caffeine-free, cozy, and great for gut health!



Bison Coffee House

What:  Portland’s only Native-owned coffee shop; they pay reference to Native ancestry and traditions.
Fun Fact: Loretta Guzman, owner of Bison Coffee House, once planned to become a dental lab technician. 
Why We Love Them: Loretta is a local legend. Her bright, positive energy shines over Portland! Bison Coffee House has become a beacon for local PDX indigenous and the community as a whole!



Chochu Local Island BBQ

What: A food truck and catering service featuring delicious spreads from Guam, Rota, Saipan, and Tinian cuisine.
Fun Fact: Joy San Nicholas and her husband, Michael, started Chochu as a way to share their favorite Chamoru dishes with the community.  
Why We Love Them: When we take the dogs out on the town, we are strong supporters of on-the-go snackin’. Vegan kimchi noodles for me (Patrik) and pork belly over rice for Thomas. We can chow down and roll out to the next dog park in 15-minutes FLAT. 



Green Muse

What: Hip-hop themed dispensary that hosts community engagement events and educates the community on drug laws that target BIPOC people. 
Fun Fact: Owners K.C. Crews and Nicole Kennedy  originally named the store “Green Hops” but have since changed the name. 
Why We Love Them: This is a one-of-a-kind dispensary, melding the culture of cannabis, music, art, and inspiration, all under one roof. 



Mimi’s Fresh Tees

What: Social justice t-shirt store that encourages people to “wear their truth.” 
Fun Fact: Kamelah Adams gives back to the community by coordinating community engagement events and is the PTA vice president of equity and inclusion. 
Why We Love Them: Quoting this one straight from the source because Kamleah says it BEST: “By wearing beliefs and conversation starters on their shirts, people now had a way to show the world who they are and where they stand, without uttering a word ― From the beginning, Mimi’s Fresh Tees has always been more than a t-shirt company.”




What: A fun little spot that features coffee and cocktails. 
Fun Fact: Ro Tam and Natasha Miks discovered the Sellwood neighborhood where Either/Or is located while on a thrifting excursion. 
Why We Love Them: Either/Or is a charming coffee shop with a limited, curated menu and a curious namesake. Ironically, there’s no pressure to opt between coffee or cocktails because the barista-bartenders offer a little of everything. If you’re looking for caffeination, we suggest having the barista whip up a surprise latte. If you’re looking for a little buzz, try the Winter Paloma!



Everybody Eats

What:  A unique blend of Southern and Pacific Northwest cooking. 
Fun Fact: Everybody Eats partners with local nonprofits to make sure everybody gets a meal. 
Why We Love Them: In November 2020, the team at Everybody Eats handed out baskets of fish, shrimp, and chicken, and turkeys to families in need for Thanksgiving. Owner, Huff said… “The way I was brought up, it was like, if you got something, whether it’s like food, money or whatever... you got to make sure everybody eat,” Huff says. “It is your duty to make sure that everyone else has it, whether you’ve given them a piece of yours, or you showing them how to get it.”




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