Hand Picked: The Perfect Portland Neighborhood for You!

Featured image sourced from Unsplash artist Cole Keister (CC)

Are you considering moving to the West Coast?
Possibly Portland in particular?
Or, are you a Portland local considering moving to a new neighborhood?


The beauty of Portland is, between the five quadrants and outer Portland metro region, each neighborhood feels completely different from the next. Within each region are unique neighborhoods with defining characteristics for every lifestyle, from the adventure seekers to the history buffs. No matter your personality, lifestyle, and daily schedule, there is a perfect Portland neighborhood for you.  


Hold up! Before we handpick your perfect Portland neighborhood, check out our complete guide to every Portland community here! We cover the best restaurants, bars, cafés, shops, activities, hikes, and dog-friendly parks in each neighborhood. Enjoy!



For The Adventurers: Hawthorne District

Stretching from the Willamette River to Mount Tabor, the Hawthorne District is the perfect Portland neighborhood for the adventure seeker. This neighborhood gives you the perfect mix of water activities, stunning city views at nearby Mount Tabor Park, and delicious delicacies from local restaurants. Hawthorne is encompassed by the Richmond neighborhood, which is dense with restaurants, breweries, cafes, quirky shops and nightlife, while the blocks between are heavily residential.  


Make a splash in the Willamette River with kayaking, river cruises, or even go in an underwater submarine! Explore one of the most popular parks in Portland, Mount Tabor Park, sitting atop a 636-foot tall extinct volcano with a mixture of trails for every level of hiker with distances ranging from 1-mile to 3-miles long. The park’s size is only trumped by Forest Park, one of the largest urban parks in the nation. Did we mention the park is dog friendly? So bring your furry friend along for the adventure! At the summit of Mount Tabor, you can view the city skyline and watch a stunning sunset while resting at one of the picnic tables or benches.



For The Social Butterflies: Mississippi Avenue

Known as one of the trendiest and most eccentric neighborhoods in Portland, Mississippi Avenue boasts some of the hottest nightlife and entertainment with trendy bars, art galleries, live music, and great shopping. Mississippi, neighbored by Overlook, Arbor Lodge, Piedmont, has gone through a major transformation in recent years to become the newest hot spot. 


Located in North Portland and easily accessible from downtown, Mississippi Avenue is the place to be for the social butterfly. This eclectic neighborhood has some of the city’s most popular restaurants and bars for any occasion and food mood you’re in. Don't forget to stop by one of the many vintage stores and upscale boutiques for a shopping spree! 



For The Convenience Seekers: Downtown Portland

From amazing restaurants and bars to lush green parks to museums, Downtown Portland has it all! This neighborhood is easily accessible either by foot or public transport, which makes it the ideal location for trying new places.


This neighborhood might be compact, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking in things to do. From great parks to the world-famous Portland Art Museum, you’ll find something for everyone. Enjoy special events like the Portland farmer’s market then stop by a locally owned restaurant for a delicious meal or take a bike ride to explore the area and enjoy the scenery!



For The History Buffs: Irvington

Discover one of Portland’s oldest neighborhoods, Irvington. This historic neighborhood was established in the late 1800s, was designated as a local historic district in 1992, and by 2010 it was designated as a National Historic Place. Fun fact: Irvington is the largest historic district in Oregon with over 2,800 registered historic structures, 98% of which are residential homes. The community within this neighborhood takes pride in the history and come together for fun events like movies in the park, block parties, and an annual holiday party.


Don’t just take it from us… The Irvington Historic Community Association lists these as top benefits to living in Irvington’s Historic District:


  • All across the country, National Register Historic Districts have typically led to more stable and often enhanced property values for owners as compared to areas directly outside the district.
  • Historic districts, having fewer tear-downs, are environmentally friendly. Restoring is always “greener” than building new!
  • Cell phone companies tend to avoid building towers in historic districts rather than face the increased scrutiny of the historic overlay.
  • Structures identified as contributing to the district’s character may be eligible for the State of Oregon Special Assessment program which freezes the taxable value of your property for 10 years in return for a program of rehabilitation and major maintenance projects.
  • Income producing buildings, whether commercial or residential, in a historic district may also qualify for the Federal Tax Credit program.
All of the above information was sourced from Historic Irvington


BONUS! If Irvington is up your alley, also check out Laurelhurst, another of Portland’s oldest neighborhoods. The neighborhood maintains a historic feel with quaint, vintage homes and tons of classic charm. In fact, the neighborhood hosts an annual historical home tour, showcasing the oldest homes in the area, and has officially been registered in the National Register of Historic Places! Because the neighborhood is registered as a national historic area, the Portland city government has the authority to protect historic properties from demolition. Once a home reaches its 100th year, the city provides a Laurelhurst Century Home plaque and installs it on the front of the house. If you are interested in living in a historic home, reach out — let’s chat.