Get to Know: North Portland

Featured image sourced from Unsplash artist Adam Blank (CC)

North Portland, popularly known as “NoPo” or the “Fifth Quadrant” is one of the six sections of Portland, Oregon. The dynamic city outskirts is well known for a blend of modern and historical infrastructure. It is the home of some of Portland’s notable landmarks, such as; the famous St. Johns Bridge, the University of Portland, and the Port of Portland.


There are a variety of reasons you’ll swoon over North Portland. The city quadrant is complete with all the necessities of urban living: neighborhood safety, dynamic food scene, diverse entertainment, and high-rated nearby school districts. Equally notable is the availability of parks, restaurants, pharmacies, and grocery stores. Consider also the public transportation system of Northwest Portland, ranked 10th in the nation, providing easy transportation to work and school. 


Here’s a quick overview of some of our equally beloved, though smaller North Portland neighborhoods. Review our “quick highlights” decide which is the best fit for you: