Get to Know: Arbor Lodge

Tucked away in North Portland, the Arbor Lodge neighborhood that has seen most of its development from the Portland real estate surge and local building improvements, within the last few years. Surrounded by other North, and NE Portland neighborhoods like Humboldt, Alberta, Piedmont, Kenton, and more — Arbor Lodge gives easy access to downtown Portland via the Interstate Max Line as well as major freeway ramps to I-5 just on the outskirts of the area.

Aside from the excellent transportation, Arbor Lodge has had growth in its independent businesses and many improvements to its local grocery markets. Within the last decade, a renovated Fred Meyer and brand new New Seasons Market were established that helped improve food accessibility and convenience for Arbor Lodge locals.  What gives the area its charm, is the variety of local shops that have emerged and are flourishing. From quaint coffee shops to elegant boutiques, the area has great accessibility for both walking and cycling, in true Portland fashion.